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  • What is the Bulletin Board?

    The Bulletin Board is an area where readers and writers can post messages on a variety of topics. Once you've signed up as a Member (see the "Membership FAQ), you automatically have a Bulletin Board account under the same name and password. This enables you to start discussion threads and reply to existing threads within many separate forums.


  • What are the rules for using the Bulletin Board?

    We here at are big believers in Free Speech and the right to self-expression. That said, we do have a few guidelines. You will find them here. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.


  • What are Moderators?

    Moderators are volunteers who help make the Bulletin Board more enjoyable by removing spam and answering questions. The names of the Moderators are listed next to the Forum which they moderate. If you have a question about a certain forum that has a Moderator, feel free to PM that Moderator and he or she will do their best to make your time on the site fun!


  • How do I start a thread?

    If you have an interesting discussion topic or story you'd like to share, you can start a new thread in the appropriate forum. At the top left of the thread listings, you'll see the words "New Thread". Click on those words. You will be asked for your Member username and password. Type these in to the proper fields, then enter a subject line for your post in the "Subject:" field. Enter the text of your message in the larger box below. If you like, you can choose a zany icon to list next to your subject. Once you're finished, you can use the buttons below to Preview your Post, or Submit your new thread.

    If after you've submitted your thread you find you've made an error, you can always edit your own post using the "Edit" feature by clicking little book & pencil icon beneath the post.


  • How do I respond to an existing thread?

    While reading the thread, you'll see the words "Post Reply" in the top right. Click on that, and then follow the instructions above.


  • Can I post pictures on the forum?

    The short answer is Yes, but please read this entire section before proceeding.

    The forum offers three different ways that you as a user can display your own images. Because of the massive size and high activity of the forum, none of these methods are pre-moderated. However, we will remove any images which are brought to our attention that violate our rules or any U.S. laws. The three methods of posting an image on the Lit forum are as follows:

    1) Attachments. These are user-owned images which are uploaded to our server by users. All attachments must meet our guidelines or they will be removed if brought to our attention. Any account may be suspended for repeated violations.

    2) Remote linking. These are images which are hosted on your server and displayed in your posts. As with attachments, they must always meet our guidelines.

    3) Avatars/Profile Pics. These are your images which you can upload to display on your profile page and next to each post you make. As with the others, they are required to follow our guidelines.

    The Forum Photo Guidelines have been created to conform to United States law in regards to content and copyright laws. If you disagree with the policy, please remember to cast your vote in any upcoming election. :)

    Here are the basic Forum Photo Guidelines:

    - Legally, we can allow soft nudity, but under current United States law, photographs (does not apply to non-photographic images) posted on this site may not contain "sexually explicit conduct", which the government defines as:

    - Actual or simulated:
    (A) sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex;
    (B) bestiality;
    (C) masturbation;
    (D) sadistic or masochistic abuse; or
    (E) lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of any person.

    - All persons in all adult-themed photographs must be over 18 years of age.

    - Image must not contain URL or other advertisement.

    - You must have a legal right from the copyright owner to post any images - i.e. photographs/drawings that you yourself created and/or have a license or other permission to post.

    If you see any images which violate these guidelines, please report the post and we will review your report. Anyone caught repeatedly violating these guidelines may have their image posting privileges revoked. may remove any image for any reason without notice, and may periodically purge old images from the forums.


  • What is a PM (Private Message)?

    A Private Message, or PM, is an internal email sent from one Bulletin Board user to another. You are limited in how many PMs you can have in your PM box at any given time, so it's best to delete old ones when you can.


  • Why is the word "Virgin" beneath my username? I'm not a virgin!

    The title beneath your username on the Bulletin Board will change as you make more posts. Here are the current titles at each post level:

    0-29 posts - Virgin

    30-99 posts - Experienced

    100-299 posts - Really Experienced

    300-499 posts - Really Really Experienced

    500-999 posts - Guru

    1000+ posts - You can create your own title via your Control Panel.

    Once you've made 100 posts, you can upload an avatar (an image) to go beneath your name. Please do not use copyrighted images as your av.


  • Another user's posts offend or upset me, but they don't break the forum rules. What can I do?

    The forums are populated by a diverse mix of people from all backgrounds and from all over the world. Therefore, there is a chance that someone may have views or may make posts that aren't against the rules, but do upset or offend you. If you find yourself unable to avoid an unsettling user's posts, you do have the option of putting that person on your Ignore List. Once you put a person on your ignore list, any thread they start will disappear from your screen, and any post they make on other threads will show only their names and the note "This person is on your Ignore List".

    You can add as many people as you like to your Ignore List, and you can remove them whenever you wish.


  • What is a Buddy List?

    The Buddy List, located in your Control Panel, allows you to keep track of your Forum friends. You can see when they're online, and PM them more easily.


  • I've deleted everything in my PM box, but it stills says my PM box is full? What's happening?

    You may have too many messages in your "SENT ITEMS" box. To fix this, go to your Private Messages area. Under the "JUMP TO FOLDER" dropdown menu on the right side, select "Sent Messages". Go there, and delete those. This should free up necessary space.


  • How do I post a Personal Ad?

    The Personal Ad section, for now, is a subsection of the Bulletin Board. Therefore, the procedure is the same as for Starting a New Thread. We strongly recommend that you read the Announcement at the top of the Personals Forum before placing a personal ad.

    To respond publicly to an ad placed by another, follow the instructions for Responding to an Existing Thread.

    To respond privately to an ad placed by another, click the "mail" icon at the bottom of the ad (it looks like a little envelope). You can then write your message in the field provided. You can also Private Message (PM) the person by clicking the "PM" link.

    If you wish to discontinue your ad, PM one of the Personals Forum Moderators with the URL of your ad and your username, and they will remove it for you.


  • What are the SRP and ORP forums for?

    The Sexual Role Playing and Online Role Playing forums are places where users can collectively create stories. One user will start a story thread, and others can join in, inventing characters and situations as they go along.

    The Online Role Playing area is for a more traditional RPG, only with an erotic theme. These stories generally involve adventures and quests, involving mystical or futuristic beings with magic powers.

    The Sexual Role Playing area is more free-form. Topics of stories can range from high school reunions to hospital scenarios to wedding encounters.

    Before jumping into either forum, we recommend you read the excellent Hecate's ' Roleplay Online' Guide, which discusses everything from character creation to roleplay etiquette.


  • How do I start an SRP/ORP story?

    See How do I start a thread? above.


  • How do I contribute to an existing story?

    See How do I respond to an existing thread? above.


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