tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCurious Girls Ch. 02

Curious Girls Ch. 02


Tamara, Krista, and I walked a trail near our house. I let the two of them walk ahead of me, and I trailed behind. I really didn't want to be here, but I felt obligated and was trying act normally. It had been less than a hour since Tamara had forcefully sat herself directly on my head, suffocating me in the process. I was still feeling shaken and violated from having my nose pressed into her cotton panties. For God's sake, her panties were still hiding under my pillow back home. What bothered me more was the image I had burned into my mind of her naked ass an inch from my face. As much as I didn't want to believe that she'd intended my face to be nestled between those cheeks of hers, I knew it just wasn't true. The only reason she hadn't violated me much worse than she had was the timely intervention of my sister.

I found myself staring at Tamara's butt as she walked. I knew that if one were to follow those legs of hers all the way up her dress, they would find she wasn't wearing anything beneath. Not only that, but watching the shape of her ass poking through her dress reminded me how close we'd come to being much too intimately acquainted. She was acting so casual and quiet that you would have never suspected she was capable of reacting the way she did. Tamara looked back, grinning as she noticed where my attention was directed. I blushed and looked away.

"Hey, we should go camping sometime!" I heard Krista suggest. I snapped back to attention. Who was she talking to?

"I don't know--" I started.

"C'mon, we should do it! All of us. It'll be fun." I definitely didn't want to go with Tamara. How could I get out of it?

"I'm not really into outdoorsy stuff, besides... I'm sure you and Tamara would have more fun without me."

"Don't be silly," Tamara chimed in, "We should all hang out more often. It wouldn't be the same without you." Krista looked at me expectantly. She was so excited, I knew no answer I could give would ever satisfy her.

"Fine," I sighed.

"Yes! It'll be awesome," Krista exclaimed enthusiastically. I mostly kept quiet as they discussed the camping plans. They continued discussing it as we wound our way back home. Once we got inside, Krista volunteered to make dinner for everyone. I just wanted to go curl up on my bed and pretend nothing had happened. I didn't want to think on what I was going to have to do about Tamara. I knew things would just get worse if I didn't find a way to either earn her forgiveness, or force her back into her place.

I kept to myself again during dinner, trying to avoid eye contact with Tamara. It was hard because it seemed every time I looked up, she was looking in my direction.

"Sara, would you mind getting the ketchup out of the pantry," I heard Krista ask. Much to my surprise, Tamara beat me to a response.

"Don't worry, I'll get it!" Tamara chimed as she as she jumped up. After a few moments, I heard Tamara calling from the pantry.

"Actually, Sara... I can't find it. Would you mind helping me?" I was filled with dread. What was she up to? I felt fairly safe with Krista here, but I still didn't like it. I stood up and excused myself to help Tamara. As I walked into the pantry, the door closed behind me and Tamara was standing in front of it.

"Don't think you've gotten out of anything."

"Tamara, please. Can't we just get past this whole thing and forget about it?"

"You've humiliated me every chance you've had. You're the reason I felt insecure about myself every day since I was 13. It's going to take much, much more than a simple apology to make me satisfied that things are even." I swallowed. This wasn't going well.

"Please, Tamara. Just tell me what I can do to make things up to you?"

"The only reason you're even apologizing to me now is you're scared I'm still going to find a way to shove your face into my ass," she paused as she considered that fact. "Which is why that is the *only* way I will ever even consider forgiving you."

"W--w--wha--" I stammered.

"That's right. If you want to forgive and forget, I'm going to need to feel your face in my ass for at least... thirty minutes."

"THIRTY minutes," I was incredulous, "You've got to be fucking kidding me."

"Sorry, actually... it would have been thirty minutes. Now it's one hour. Next time... it goes up to two. And before you start trying to find loopholes, I don't mean your face against my ass. I mean *all* the way in there. I want to feel your face between my ass cheeks with my full weight on your head."

"--the fuck is wrong with you?" I blurted. There was *absolutely* no way in hell that I was letting her ass near my face ever again, especially not for an hour. She continued as if I hadn't said anything.

"I bet we can fit in five minutes right now before Krista starts wondering about us..."

"Wha--? Get the fuck away from me!" I backed up, trying to find the door handle. She grabbed my wrists as I tried to push her away, and as she did, I tripped over a step stool that was in the pantry and tumbled to the floor. I didn't even have time to regain my bearings before she was sitting on my chest, facing my feet, and holding my arms. Her butt jiggled slightly as she lowered herself toward my face, her still naked ass becoming visible under her dress. I felt her legs tighten against my head and I genuinely expected to feel her weight on my head any moment.

"Sara? Tamara? Everything OK in there?" I heard Krista yell from the kitchen.

"OK... so maybe only 15 seconds," Tamara laughed. I managed to pull an arm free and struggled to push her off. I felt so wrong grabbing her bare ass, but I had to keep her from lowering herself any further. She fought with me to recapture my arm, but at the sound of footsteps coming to the door, she jumped to her feet. The door opened and Krista stood there, looking confused.

"Can you not find any ketchup?" She asked, and then noticed me lying on the floor.

"We were looking, and I tripped," I feebly explained without waiting for the question.

"Are you OK?" She looked concerned.

"Yeah, no... I'm fine. Oh, look. I found the ketchup," I changed the subject and grabbed a bottle of ketchup on a shelf near my head. As we headed out of the pantry, Tamara walked by me.

"Three hours now," she whispered, winking at me. I couldn't believe she'd just assaulted me in the pantry with Krista only a dozen feet away, nor could I believe she expected me to willing comply in letting her sit on my head for three whole hours. Still, I wondered if it was worth considering if it would get her off my back and get her to stop raising the requirement. If I'd just let her sit on my face for a mere thirty minutes before, I wouldn't have to worry now about watching my back around her... or the fact that she was now expecting quadruple the time from me. I wondered if I had the stomach to actually let her do... that. As I imagined my face sliding into that big, nasty ass of hers, I knew I had to do everything I could to stop that from happening. Just the thought of my face in *anyone's* ass, much less another woman's, especially one I disliked as much as her was unthinkable. It was *so* nasty. I was starting to feel nauseated just thinking about it. And what if someone found out?

The next few weeks were living hell. Every chance she got, she either tried to sit on my head, or when no one was looking, she would lift her skirt to taunt me with her ass. Once, when we were watching a movie in the living room, Krista left to make popcorn. I spent the next few minutes fighting Tamara off until Krista came back. We went for a picnic and when Krista went back to the car to grab the blankets we'd forgotten, Tamara caught me off guard lying in the grass and tried to sit on my head again. It was getting ridiculous. Almost any spare moment we were alone together, she would tackle me and shove her ass in my face. She never quite managed to achieve her objective, thankfully. She always got interrupted by something or someone; it was usually Krista who ignorantly interrupted things, never realizing herself that anything was going on.

Because of Tamara, I found myself hanging around Krista a lot more. I was afraid to be out of her sight. She seemed a little surprised, but seemed to welcome me wanting to spend more time with her. Unfortunately, I couldn't be around her 100% of the time.

I learned to be especially wary of Tamara when she was wearing skirts, dresses, and the like. She wasn't always wearing panties, and sometimes there was no advance warning she was about to try something. Those days she was wearing clothes which provided easy access, it was too easy to go from safe to danger zone in seconds. I could tell she was getting more desperate though. Her last attempt was by far her most brazen.

I was leaving work late one night after closing up. I was alone in the parking lot, and when I went to unlock my car doors, I dropped my keys. When I went to pick them up, a stranger came out of nowhere and, taking advantage of my imbalance, pushed me to the ground. By the lights in the parking light, I could make out Tamara's small frame and significant cleavage on top of me.


"You can't avoid me forever. One way or another, this *is* happening whether you believe it or not. You can't keep getting lucky forever." She fought my flailing as she managed to hold me down and turn around at the same time. She hiked her skirt up, revealing her thighs, and simultaneously slid her panties down her legs.

"Please, Tamara," I begged, "Don't do this."

"We've got to get started if you're ever going to pay your debt," she laughed, "You're already at twelve hours." Shit. When did that get so high? It was true I'd managed to irk her by avoiding a number of her attempts. Had my luck finally run out?

"What's going on over there?" I heard someone yell.

"Shit," Tamara exclaimed in a whisper. She jumped to her feet and hurriedly pulled her panties back up. "You're up to one full day now." Tamara whispered, and then took off running as my hero reached me.

"Are you OK?" Brett, one of my co-workers asked.

"Yeah," I said, still a little dazed, "I'll be alright."

"I can't believe that guy just tried to rape you." He hadn't noticed it was a woman. He kept wanting to know what he could do for me. He offered to call the police, follow me home... it was kind of sweet really. I assured him I was fine. Finally, after much convincing, he let me get in my car and drive myself home. I knew I needed to do something about Tamara, but while I may have considered thirty minutes, or maybe even two hours, there was no way I was going to accept 24 hours. I knew that every time the demand increased, the previous seemed much more reasonable, but seriously... a full day was beyond ridiculous. What could I do? I was getting frustrated. I didn't like not being able to feel safe anywhere. I was starting to have nightmares about Tamara's ass.

Thankfully, that night when I got home, Krista didn't notice anything was wrong with me. She was too caught up planning for that damn camping trip again.

"How's this weekend look to you for camping," She asked excitedly, "It's a three-day weekend."

"Um... I think I have to work." I lied. I should have come up with a better excuse already, but I'd completely spaced on it.

"Nope, you don't. I checked your schedule." Fuck. Now I couldn't get out of it without arousing suspicion.

"Can we at least share a tent together?" I asked, afraid to be by myself.

"I'd love to sleep with you," she paused awkwardly, "But my tent only sleeps two, and I don't want Tamara to be alone." Double fuck. I really wasn't comfortable about this. The weekend arrived before I knew it, and we ended up having to drive in two cars to fit everything. I drove with Krista in her car and, thankfully, Tamara drove alone. That night was pretty uneventful. We set up, ate dinner, and Tamara and Krista finally excused themselves to their tent. I heard them talking late into the night, but I was afraid to fall asleep until I heard them fall asleep first. After a while, the talking died down, and all was quiet. I waiting a bit longer just to make sure Tamara wasn't going to try anything, but there was no movement. After about thirty minutes of waiting, I finally allowed myself to fall asleep too.

Morning came quickly, and I awoke to the sound of birds and the sun just starting to rise. I tried to open my sleeping bag, but realized I'd somehow gotten stuck. I had one of those mummy sleeping bags and although I'd managed to get into it and zip it up, I couldn't seem to pull my arms up to grab the zipper. It was a little baffling, and frankly, a lot embarrassing. I heard Krista's voice in the distance, and then heard footsteps near my tent.

"Krista!" I called out, "I'm stuck. Can you help?" The zipper on the tent opened to reveal, not Krista, but Tamara.

"Sure, I'd love to help," she grinned.

"What?" I panicked, "I heard Krista."

"She had to go answer her phone. She may be a few minutes." Tamara had an unmistakable grin on her face. I struggled to pull free as hard as I could as she calmly walked over. She threw a leg over my sleeping back and sat down on my chest.

"What's wrong Sara," she asked, obviously enjoying herself, "You look awfully scared. Are you really that terrified of my ass?" Perhaps I could get her to realize how seriously I was taking this... Perhaps I could convince her to back off.

"Yes, Tamara. I'm that terrified of your ass. I can't think of anything worse that could be done to me. I can't stop having nightmares about you punishing me." Unfortunately, it had the opposite of the intended effect. She grinned.

"Good. Knowing how much you're dreading your punishment makes the thought of humiliating you so much more satisfying. Still... if you're dreading it that much, I could always try punishing you another way..."

"What do you mean... another way?" I asked, cautious but hopeful.

Tamara looked around nervously, listening for anyone around. She quickly pulled her shirt over her head, revealing very full, very exposed breasts. I was in awe. I couldn't stop staring at her chest. She was more likely an H than the DDD I'd guessed previously. I was guessing 34 H, but I was no expert at sizing up women. I was so envious at that moment. My B cup felt completely and totally inadequate by comparison. Her freckles were abundant on her neck, and her stomach even had a significant number, but her breasts were almost entirely void of them.

The sunlight illuminated her milky white breasts as she loomed over me. I was stuck staring at the underside of them, but I could tell they were extremely perky for their size. Their silky complexion was marred only by her somewhat large, pink areolas and pert nipples. She reached up and ran her hands over her breasts, pulling them upward she squeezed. They jiggled and swayed significantly as she released them.

"I ought to smother you with my tits and see how you like it," she laughed.

"Please don't," I begged.

"You always were such a pretentious bitch... always making fun of my tits when you've got almost none of your own." She leaned down, letting them hang over my face. "What do you think of them now?" I tried to appease her by telling her truth.

"Honestly? I think they're incredibly sexy. I wish I had breasts like yours." She seemed taken aback.

"Really?" I could see that her entire demeanor had changed. She hadn't expected my response to be an honest compliment. I could tell she was trying decide what to do next. Abruptly, there was a sound at the entrance tent followed by the sound the tent being unzipped. I was half relieved, half terrified. I was relieved that Krista was about to put an end to Tamara's abuse, maybe permanently. I was terrified of her reaction to seeing a full-chested and topless Tamara straddling my chest. There was definite panic in her eyes. She didn't have time to pull her shirt back on. "Wait," she called out desperately, "Don't come in!" The unzipping stopped.

"Tamara? What are you doing in Sara's tent?" I started to open my mouth to let her know I was in tent also, but Tamara was too fast. She used her quickest method available to her to secure my silence. And that was how I found my face buried under her breast. Worse, my mouth had been open in mid-protest at the time, so I suddenly found myself with an unexpected mouthful of Tamara's boob.

"Mmmph--" I got only a small squeak out before her breast spilled out of my mouth and over my nose. She held herself against me desperately tight, forcing more of her breast into my mouth. It was hard to move my tongue or swallow without my tongue inadvertently sliding over her areola and nipple. I almost gagged.

"Sara said I could try on some of her shorts," she said somewhat winded as she held me with all her strength. I couldn't make a peep no matter how I tried. "They're too small for her, so she thought they might fit me," she added as soon as it occurred to her how unlikely that would be with our size differences.

"Where's Sara?"

"She had to use the bathroom."

"Oh... well, there was a mix-up with the schedule at work. They've got me scheduled all week! It's fucking ridiculous, but I have to get back. You and Sara may as well enjoy yourselves though! Let her know?" Tamara held me even tighter at that announcement. I was starting to get light-headed. I struggled with all my might, but when I heard her car engine fade away, I knew it was too late. Finally, Tamara released me. Her breast was wet with my saliva.

"I couldn't have planned this better if I'd tried," Tamara grinned, "Looks like it's just you and me for the next three days."

"What?!" I was getting very panicked. I felt more helpless at that moment than ever before. I struggled as hard as I could to pull my arms out of the sleeping bag. She jumped up quickly and started digging around in my things. I had no idea what she was doing, but at that moment, I just didn't care. Just as I was making progress in pulling my arms up and out of the sleeping bag, she returned holding one of my belts. She wasn't about to let me get away from her. She sat her weight on me to hold my arms down and forced them back to my side through the sleeping bag fabric. She then took the belt and threw it over my head, pulling it down my back and sliding it back and forth beneath me. Once she reached my torso, she pulled the belt tightly, binding my arms together inside of the sleeping bag.

"Where do you think you're going," she laughed, "That tongue of yours was feeling pretty nice on my tits." I was still entranced by her breasts. Whatever she did, they bounced, swayed, and jiggled in a way mine never would. "If you don't like my suggestion, we can always go back to the original plan..." she suggested as she stood up and turned around. Without waiting for an answer, she was already pulling her shorts down. I snapped back to attention. I was filled with dread as her panties hit the floor. She didn't waste any time. She got back onto her knees on either side of me, her now naked ass full of disgusting intent. As she lowered herself toward my face, that's when I realized she was now completely naked. I braced myself for what was inevitably coming. There was going to be no escaping it this time. I felt her ass touch my cheek as she gently rubbed her ass on my face. "How about it," she asked, "Are you ready for your punishment?" My nose was only millimeters from her ass crack. I closed my eyes, awaiting what I knew was coming any moment.

"Lucky for you, I've decided that today is going to be 'boob day' afterall," she announced as she sat back up and turned around.

"What? What are you talking about?" I asked, both relieved and confused.

"Don't get too excited. Your face is definitely going to be in my ass... and I mean, *all* the way in there," she laughed, enjoying my torment, "But I want you to spend today anticipating all the fun we're going to have tomorrow."

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