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Teacher Is Mistaken


Monday morning Hollie sat at the desk, with a hand supporting her forehead. She pretended to be examining an essay, while the class got on with an assignment. The stupid incident that happened Friday, left her with plenty to think about. It was untypical of her, to analyse where something had gone wrong, or to mull over things for ages afterward.

This time, she couldn't just shrug it off, as a stupid accident. It all started in class, innocently enough, though later it got way out of hand.


On Friday she had worn a simple light summer dress, knowing the air-conditioning might be out in her classroom. She caught the boys checking her out, while she stood by the window, and realised the dress had been a mistake. However, they were certainly paying attention to the lesson. One of them asked her to open another window, expecting her to reach up to it, where the strong sunlight would shine through the thin cotton.

She smiled at him and told him to do it. "You're a big strong man, I'm sure you can help me out, Jim," she replied.

She had to turn away from them, on seeing the smirks on their faces. At eighteen it didn't take much to get them going. In the staff room a rude, sexy joke had been going around about 'helping out a woman', and it had probably been going around among the students too.

A colleague warned her, the principal gave her this class, as a test of ability to control a group of adolescence. She was already on her guard, so was prepared to deal with disruptions. As a new teacher, she was trying to be hard, yet fair. She turned around with an amused look on her face, feeling in control, ready to settle them down.

"Thank you Jim," she firmly said. A few instructions, clearly and forcefully delivered, regained their attention. She had proved she wasn't rattled by some boisterous behaviour, and could recover without going over the top. The rest of the period went well.

Hollie picked up a school bag, which Miranda left it behind. It was the last period, before the end of day, and Hollie didn't have another class to teach. She decided to deliver the bag to Miranda, as the class was on her way to the parking lot. So far she hadn't been volunteered for anything, by the principal, so there was still a free period each day.

She put the bag down, to put change into a drinks machine. It was a hot day and she needed a cold juice. While bending over, to get the drink, she sensed there was someone behind her. She became conscious of the light dress, plastered between her cheeks. She automatically moved sideways out of the way, only to trip over the school bag.

Hollie landed on her bottom, with legs sprawled over the bag. She went to push the dress down, but a young guy grabbed her hand to pull her up. For a moment she was stuck there, with him looking right between her legs. In that split second, she became aware of how hot she was.

It wasn't just the heat of the day. She had become aroused, from the young guys in class checking her out. This adolescent too, had that male, predatory look on his face. The confident look he gave her, added to an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment.

He pulled her up off the floor, at the same time grabbing her other hand. He pulled her close, too close for comfort. He was a tall handsome guy. At only five foot four, she felt overpowered by such a close presence. Taking a step back, her heel hit the bag, and she almost tumbled again.

He still had a hold of her hand, only now he firmly gripped her waist, with a strong arm.

"You're new here, Miranda, otherwise I would have noticed a beauty like you," he smiled. He was used to melting the hearts of cheerleaders, and was always prepared to practise on an attractive girl. There was something about her he liked.

A short blonde wasn't usually his type, but she had a certain, attractive glint in her eye. She was cute, the way she blushed, when he picked her up. She didn't complain, or insult him like some of the girls, who were far too arrogant to be man handled.

Hollie was taken aback when he called her Miranda, until recalling the bag was plastered with Miranda's name all over it. She was about to correct him, telling him she was a new teacher, not a new girl. Instead he took her by surprise, when he leant forward, to kiss her cheek.

She faced him, to tell him off. Instead his lips contacted hers, in one of those embarrassing moments. Her mouth was still slightly open, from attempting to speak, and from astonishment at his audacity.

Hollie felt his tongue flicker over her lips, curl around her tongue then pull away. He pulled upon her lips, sucking on them. The strong clench she was in, took her breath away. She didn't even try to push him away. She stood there in shock.

"What class are you in?" he casually asked.

The question seemed so banal, after what he had just done to her. Her heart was racing. She was standing in a corridor at school, in the arms of a hunky young boy, being molested. Though she couldn't say she had objected. That was a bad thing. She should have kicked him, or at least closed her mouth.

Hollie mumbled her class was history, all the while feeling small, and inadequate. She squirmed like a schoolgirl, as he reawakened those past times of awkwardness, with boys.

"You kiss nice," he said.

The warm confident smile made her legs weak. "You, I mean WE, shouldn't have," she managed to say. She was blushing and couldn't look up at him. He had left her feeling demure and fragile.

She held back from telling him she was a teacher. Damn! What would he say to his friends if he found out? He would brag about kissing the new teacher, leaving her reputation to plummet through the floor. It would be impossible after that, to control a class of young adolescents.

She tried to push him away, but the strong arm gripped her tight, as though she was nothing more than a light doll.

"Let me go, please," she demanded. She held back from kicking him, as she needed to win back some rightness to the situation.

"One more kiss for helping you!" he chuckled.

She realised a student would have cursed, and fought him off pretty quickly. Either that, or encouraged him. After all, most girls would have been infatuated, over having this attention from a school heart throb. He must be used to girls falling for him.

An unsettling idea was suddenly realised, that she too, was affected by this handsome young man. Otherwise she would have tried harder to pull away from his embrace. His arms were casually wrapped around her body, leaving her feeling overpowered, and a little breathless.

"Hell!" she whispered. "The principal!" she warned him.

As though she were a doll, he effortlessly picked her up, and squeezed between two machines to hide. He was certainly a smooth operator. The bag had been kicked with them, and he stood her on it. She was completely engulfed in his large frame, hidden away from anyone walking by.

He kissed her, deeply this time. The fear of discovery heightened her arousal beyond rational thought, for just a second. He was hiding her and protecting her, from a figure of power. She responded, before she could think properly.

Hollie kissed him back, sucking on his mouth, entwining her tongue with his. The sheer naughtiness of it had her fired up. A strong hand pressed her bottom, squeezing her belly against the hardness in his jeans.

She became hotter still, unable to resist responding, and pushed her sex against him. A spark of rational thought in the back of her mind, struggled to take back control. She recognised this was an utterly crazy moment. Any second the principal would walk by, and bring her short career to an end.

They heard a door open, and Mister Vincent was speaking to someone.

"Come on, lets get out of here," Roger whispered.

Hollie knew her hair and clothes were in disarray. So she too needed to make a break for it, besides, he had a firm hold of her hand. He pulled her with him, around the corner, out of sight.

"We'll have to go back, the door is alarmed," she hissed at him. She heard the principal's heavy footsteps, becoming louder. She softly groaned, knowing what a condemning picture their presence together would make. Her blonde hair had been up, exposing her neck for coolness. It was now falling down in disorder. She tried to pull the dress straight, but the evidence of what they had been up to was clear. She looked guilty and he looked furtive.

She would have to do some fast talking to get out of this.

Hollie was in the habit of letting others take the lead, and as usual she had given in to his strength of character. He was used to leading a gang, making instant decisions, and having them obeyed.

As though in slow motion, she watched his hand, reach toward the door. A bleak image flashed into her mind, of the whole school being alerted by the alarm. They were staring at her, seeing her hand in hand with him, knowing they had been kissing.

Bright sunlight slanted in, blinding her. The only sound was the cicadas chirping. She was so relieved the fire alarm hadn't been triggered, her spirits soared.

"I fixed the alarm, some time ago. This is my private exit," Roger explained.

Blinking her eyes, trying to regain her sight, she let him lead her for a few steps. Her heart was racing, her breathing in gasps, as though she had run a mile. The fear of being discovered left her excited. Before she knew what was happening, she fell into the back of a van. He tumbled in beside her, wrapping his arms around her in another clinch.

"Hey! Stop it right now!" she protested, only he was too quick for her. She tried to fend off his wandering hands, only they were everywhere at once. He was deeply kissing her, while she tried to hold him back. She was in what they used to call, a passion wagon. Her raucous past, at college, came racing back, leaving her feeling young and excited.

In her teens, she had envied the girls who had made it this far, with the school idols. A guy just like this one had been her love from afar. She had an enormous crush on him, though she dare not speak to him. This in part explained why she had given in to this young guy. She was now twenty-six, and no longer a teenager, so should have had better self-control.

The memories, old feelings, and yearnings, came to her in waves of nostalgia. Again she gave in to the onslaught of emotions firing her up. She kissed him back. The panic, the flight from an authority figure, sneaking out of school, threw back the years. She was in the back of a guy's wagon, feeling horny, being naughty.

In college she had shrugged off the high school, good girl image, to gain a bit of a reputation with the guys. There had also been a rumour, concerning her room mate. At a party they had cuddled and kissed, putting on quite a show. Next day they both put it down to teasing the guys, after having too much to drink. Though they remained cool, there was always the question over how much the teasing romp had meant.

The difference was, she was a mature woman, no longer an innocent teenager. She was also a responsible teacher, threatening her own career, with a terrible moment of irresponsibility. It was irrational, yet she let the passionate embrace continue, telling her-self to stop, before it went too far.

When she felt his hand in her panties, she had to put a stop to it.

"Stop it! I'll scream!" she warned him.

She was angry with herself, for letting it get so badly out of hand. She shouldn't be here, in this young guys van, let alone kissing him. Letting him put his hand in her panties was criminal. It was probably as bad as that. If not, it was certainly enough to destroy her career.

"OK! I won't push you. Are you sure you want everyone to know you're in here, with me?" he asked. "I'll drive you to the practice ground, and drop you off," he teased her.

Her reaction answered his question. The worried look indicated she wasn't just teasing him, leading him on, only to cry wolf. It was alright by him, if she had her limits. It was down to him to persuade her past them.

Hollie couldn't let him call her bluff. If he decided to take her, she dare not scream, or attract attention. He seemed alright, though this was a very tricky situation. He was massaging her thighs, with his fingertips, distracting her thoughts. Her head was on his shoulder, with her arm trapped under him.

The last class had finished for the day, and the weekend. Hollie could hear that from the sounds of students buzzing around outside. So afraid of being found out, she stilled her breathing, as though that might help.

Her body was as taught as a bow string. She was in a tight spot. Despite stopping him, she still hadn't fully recovered. Her body was tingling all over. She was starting to lose concentration, as her thoughts returned to mush form what he was doing to her. His hands were wandering over her body, and she dare not make a sound. There were students walking past the van. Yet again, she was losing the will to resist him.

"We shouldn't be doing this," she tried again. The resolve in her voice had faded to a pathetic hollowness. She sounded as unsure as she felt. His fingertips were playing with her more subtly now, less aggressively. It was all the more difficult to resist. The wonderful sensations were wired directly into her brain, stirring thoughts around a central theme. "Mmmmm, that's nice," she gurgled.

It was imperative to wait, until the parking lot was clear, before escaping from his van. In the meantime, he could entertainer he like this, producing marvellous sensations throughout her body.

A hand massaged her ears and neck, and face. The other tickled the backs of her knees, her thighs, and higher. "Stop! Please!" she whispered. "Please stop," she pleaded with him.

"You don't really want me to stop, do you?" he asked.

"No, don't stop now!" she quietly gasped. He didn't push her thighs apart, they fell apart. She was opening up to him like a flower in the sunshine. His fingers felt like a busy bee, buzzing over her honey pot. The wings of a butterfly were teasing her lips.

"Not my panties!" she moaned. The attempted protest hardly materialised. Just a few softly muttered words. This time she hadn't told him to stop, or even to leave her panties on. Hollie felt her hips rise up off the mattress, to let him remove her panties. She gulped for air and whimpered from the sensations he was stirring.

Her eyes flickered open, to find him looking deeply into her eyes. She couldn't shake off that profound stare. Her eyes were mere slits in her face, under creased eyebrows. Her face was screwing up into a sexual expression.

His fingers continued to work her up, playing a naughty game with her rude bits. He pulled on her lips, sucked on a nipple, ran a finger over her bud. She wanted him to push her bell, to ring it long and hard. It was tinkling in her head, though she needed it to ring out loudly.

She had been completely unaware of his change of position. One moment she was laying her head on his shoulder, the next, he was on top of her. His cock sawed over her clit, teasing it. It was especially sensitive since having a piercing there. Only the guy who pierced her knew of the rings existence. Now him! This young student knew her secret.

"Please," she moaned. Hollie lifted her hips. She shouldn't being doing this. Her resolve had been defeated from within, not by him. He was doing wonderful things to her but it was her own debased needs that made her so helpless. More than helpless, she was in dire need of satisfaction

It wasn't because he was a young, handsome man. A young, beautiful looking twenty-six year old woman didn't need his attention. A young handsome guy flattering her wasn't going to get into her knickers. It was the excitement of nearly being caught, doing something so wrong. The humiliation of being taken by a mere student, was heating her up to boiling point.

"You want me to fuck you?" he asked. His voice was hoarse. The question was merely a confirmation of what he already knew. She was ready for it.

"Come on tell me, you little slut. Tell me you want to be fucked. Say it, slut," he harshly said.

"Yes! Fuck me!" she grunted.

She was so carried away she tried to thrust up at him. The sound of students passing by the van enhanced the sense of danger, as though she were being taken in front of them. It felt as though she would be discovered any moment. How much more humiliating could it be, if she were climaxing at the moment they pulled open the doors. They would crowd around them, to see their teacher being fucked, by this young guy. They would think she was a slut, available to anyone.

At that moment she was a dirty little slut, ready to fuck at any price. Needing to be fucked by anyone, for she needed that feeling of being filled.

"Yes! Please fuck me, do me, fuck your slut, fuck me hard," she whimpered. The words were excruciating. Saying them was humiliating, yet they fuelled her passion. Feeling him enter her vagina was exhilarating to her nervous system. Her whole body quaked. Unable to move she lay back, letting him fuck her.

A loud bang, from someone playfully slapping the side of the van, stopped him suddenly, in mid stroke. His cock was half way in, halted on a deep thrust.

Hollie thought they had been discovered, that this presaged the invasion of student faces, ready to watch them at it. The thought drove her wild. She bucked under him, unable to get what she needed.

"Please! Fuck your dirty little slut! Your slut needs a good fucking! Slam your big powerful cock into your slut. Punish your pathetic slut for being so wanton," Hollie demanded.

He pressed forward slowly. She needed him to fuck her hard. "Do it! Fuck me you bastard, fuck me hard," she cried out.

"Quiet bitch!" he whispered, and slapped her face. "I don't want an audience even if you do. You're a horny bitch and a good ride, but I don't want trouble," he warned her. "Just keep quiet you little slut, and I'll fuck you hard," he added.

Humiliation from begging him to fuck her was boiling her blood. It felt as though her veins were burning. Her nerves were liquid fire, pulsing charges into the pleasure centres of her brain. Her hips juddered under him as he finally climaxed.

She wrapped her heels around his bottom, digging in, trying to halt his thrusts. She needed his cock inside, as deep as possible. She needed him to hold it still. He wasn't ready to stop now. He continued to pump, seesawing into her. A trigger point caught him off guard. He spurted cum into her.

Hollie gripped her legs around him, as though squeezing every last drop of cum from him. She shuddered into a second orgasm.

Everything was quiet outside. Hollie opened her eyes, to see his shoulder in close up. Without being aware of it, he had pulled her round onto him, for a close cuddle. It was a wonderful way to come around. Though, the situation was also very dangerous.

"My panties, can I have them back, please," Hollie asked. It was terribly embarrassing to ask a student for her panties. They were nowhere to be seen, so he had obviously hidden them. She figured he had stolen them as a trophy, adding them to a collection. There was no way she had been the first in this van.

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My First Time

I attended an all boys high school. My senior year we had a new guidance counselor, the appropriately named Ms. Bliss. She was in her mid twenties and had a petite body with curves in all the right places.more...

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Something similar happened to me. I was the captain of the football team and was popular with the girls and thought I could do anything. It was the last class period of the day and I was early becausemore...

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ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyy ggggggggoooooooodddddd


That happened to me except not in a van in the basement... :)

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